About LyfeSync: Introduction

Hi everyone, this is the first of LyfeSync News posts that will explain who we are, where we are going, news, information, tips, and educational videos. Here’s a bit about how LyfeSync came about and some information about myself:

I am 27 years old and an experienced member of the mobile technology community with over 10 years of experience. I started at 17 years old with Wireless Solutions in Yuma, AZ and soon moved to RadioShack. Through my success at RadioShack and RadioShack’s wireless offerings, I was in the spotlight with Sprint and Verizon and soon made my decision to work with Verizon. Once at Verizon, I started a successful journey that involved learning many aspects of retail and wireless technology. Most importantly I learned good business acumen, and I developed a refined ability for developing extraordinary products and provide stellar customer service.

With Verizon, I held various leadership roles within retail and as a member of regional leadership for the Southwest Region of Verizon. My roles with Verizon included Customer Service, Senior Retail Sales, Training, Sales Manager and Business Sales Consultant. Through my experiences with Verizon and the growth of consumer mobile technology, smartphones and tablets, I identified that there is a missing part of the equation. In order to provide an excellent customer experience, training and educating customers has to go even deeper than what is offered. LyfeSync came about from this realization. LyfeSync was founded on August 19th of 2013. I take pride in knowing that LyfeSync has made a big difference to the many that have attended our iPhone and iPad classes and I am happy that the community has embraced this growing service.

On a more personal note; I am also business partner of an amazing food truck in the Tucson Area named Baja Dogs (www.facebook.com/bajadog). I love to have fun and always make sure to make time for myself and my wonderful friends and family. I enjoy attending live sporting events, I eat out way too much, I love live music, I watch a lot of movies, audiobooks are my new favorite to-do in my spare time, working out is a great way for me to relax and I tend to spend a lot of my time playing with my dogs.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me directly at the contact information below. Thank you!

Carl Amaya
(520) 333-6166

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