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Private Apple iPhone and iPad class

Private Apple iPhone and iPad class

Want to stay connected with your friends and family? Do you have a smartphone with navigation built in but still get lost? Wish to share pictures and videos with your loved ones? Want to use your device for your business? These are all questions and concerns that LyfeSync is here to assist you with. We encourage you to continue to read through this introductory post and the rest of our site so we can help “Sync your life with your mobile.”

What is LyfeSync? LyfeSync is an active learning community that is rich in information and learning about all things related to Apple’s iOS (iPhone’s, iPad’s, iTouch). Our goal is to be the expert resource for instructional videos, online classes, hands on learning, news and information and to help our local and online community with ALL topics related to mobile devices. As we grow, iOS training and classes will grow to Android, Windows 8, and any other platforms that might arise in the future.

LyfeSync offers two ways of learning. They are outlined below along with links and additional information:

Hands-on iPad & iPhone Classes are offered in Tucson, Vail, Oro Valley, and Green Valley Arizona area. This is the preferred method of learning for our community residents. LyfeSync Classes focus on providing lasting knowledge, are hands-on and are facilitated by experienced technology trainers. Click on this link for more information regarding the face to face classes: LyfeSync Classes. The classes are typically held on Tuesdays and are hosted in different areas around town. Click here for more information regarding class dates and times: Class Dates & Times.

Summary: face to face, instructor led, you leave with a print out of our presentation deck, you have access to our online community with both free and premium areas depending on the class taken, better for people that learn better with a hands on approach, Tucson Area, scheduled classes.

LyfeSync Online Learning is quickly becoming a preferred way of learning for many people. At this time LyfeSync offers a free 4 month period of LyfeSync Online Learning Premium Access to anyone that has taken the iPhone and iPad: All You Need Classes. The iPhone & iPad: All You Need Classes are the 2nd course of our 2 course instructional hands-on classes. The first course, iPhone & iPad: Essentials Classes, are part of our free classes lineup and are also available to attend as a face to face class.

Summary: instructor lead video classes, watched and replayed at your convenience, clear and concise, accessible from your iPhone and iPad, accessible for PC & Mac.

We wish to become your resource for all things mobile. If you have questions, comments, suggestions or need help with anything please contact us here:  Contact LyfeSync.

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