Business, Groups & One on One

LyfeSync focuses on complete solutions. We now offer solutions for not only the consumer section but also for businesses, groups and one on one learning. Below is an explanation and examples of these services.

LyfeSync Business –  LyfeSync consults for businesses needing mobile solutions, hands-on training, video tutorials, implementation and roll-out of wireless hardware technologies and software applications. This service focuses on evaluating your businesses needs and goals and working side by side with your business on both hardware and software to get you the best return on investment and the best combination that fits your specialty. Our business professionals will help you with your business needs from beginning to end. Whether you are in medical, legal, financial, construction, real estate, repair, or any other type of business; there are applications that are essential to your business and the evolution of business practices into this mobile technology age.  Businesss productivity can come in many forms and mobile devices are letting businesses have a huge return on their mobile infrastructure investment.

LyfeSync  Groups – Have a group of friends that needs help? Want to have a session at a private function with work, team mates or family? LyfeSync Group is the way to go. You pick the venue and time, or let us set that up, we can even customize the learning agenda.

LyfeSync One on One – Are you time constrained, can’t come for other reasons or simply want or need individualized attention? LyfeSync One on One is the way to go for you.


Are you interested in these services, want more information or have questions? Give us a call at 520-333-6166 or contact us hereContact LyfeSync

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