Online Learning Questions

Why did I get redirected to this page?
If you clicked on Membership Content or anything in its sub-menu you have been redirected to this page. Membership Content is a paid subscription area.

There is a topic I would like to learn about but I do not see it in my membership area? 

Be sure to search the site for the topic you are looking for. If you still cannot find what you are looking, be sure to click on this link and let us know about it: Contact LyfeSync.

What are the different services that you offer?

LyfeSync offers 2 great ways of learning, you can pick one or the other or take advantage of both. Click on the respective links here to learn more about each option: Online Learning is one way, the other option is Hands-On Classes.

I paid for a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription but I still don’t have access to the membership areas?

Typically, this is due to a verification process that we go through, be sure to keep your records and know that it can take up to 24 hours for access for your account to be granted. If you have not yet subscribed, be sure to do that in this link: Start Here.