Being prepared for class is an important part of LyfeSync.  Below is the checklist of things you need to do or be prepared for when attending class.

Preparation For iPhone: ESSENTIALS, iPad: ESSENTIALS, iPhone: All You Need, iPad: All You Need, iPad and iPhone: A World of Apps. Here is the preparation list: 

  1. Be sure that your iPad or iPhone is charged 100%. 
  2. Although LyfeSync provides large visuals in the presentation of the classes; be sure to bring your prescription glasses if you have them.
  3. Classes start right at the hour scheduled. It is recommended to be at the class about 10 minutes early.
  4. Be sure to update your device to the latest version. The current iOS version is: iOS 8.1.3
  5. Be sure to have your Apple ID  Username and Password ready and available for class.
  6. Be sure to have your e-mail setup on your device.
  7. Last but not least, if you cannot make it to the class time/date that you signed up for; please let us know ASAP.

**As a last effort, and after checking the videos below, If you are having  issues setting up your email and Apple ID for the first time, arrive to the class 30 minutes before and LyfeSync can provide assistance in the setup. Be sure to let us know that you need help with this at least 1 day before the class.
**If you cannot remember your Apple ID or Password please visit: Apple ID Help
**If you cannot remember your email address or password please contact your email provider. LyfeSync cannot retrieve password or usernames for any email service.**


**Below are a few guides on how to: update your iOS version, setup your Apple ID and how to setup your email address.**

Update your iOS Version to iOS7:

Setup your Apple ID through your computer:

Setup your Apple ID through your iPhone or iPad:

Setup your email on iPhone or iPad:

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