Why LyfeSync

“LyfeSync provides professional mobile device classes that sync your life with your mobile. With the rapid growth in mobile technologies more of us are adopting mobile devices that help us with many things. Some of us need them for work, others of us want them to help organize their days and many of us simply want a better way to keep in touch with friends and family. Whatever the case, there is a big disconnect between the buying experience that informs us of the features and services that the device has, and the using experience that we fall in when we actually use our new devices. LyfeSync is here to help with that. There are others that educate consumers on mobile devices, but none that dedicate themselves to it like LyfeSync does. Our classes take advantage of numerous learning styles. With our experience, company culture, attention to detail and our exceptionally-calibrated learning classes; LyfeSync is the only choice to have a first class learning experience. Below is the LyfeSync Advantage; not just what we say but what the very many that have attended our classes and watched our online classes say:

  • Instructor led training classes.
  • LyfeSync is dedicated to education and we make this our one and only priority.
  • Our instructors are subject matter experts with decades of collective experience in the mobile technology field.
  • Our face to face classes are held in non-disruptive environments. We say no to retail stores and crowded public meeting areas.
  • Each LyfeSync face to face attendee leaves with a copy of the presentation deck for after-class support.
  • Our classes are built around large visuals, examples, clear and concise instructions.
  • Small friendly groups.
  • LyfeSync classes have no more than 10 people attending. We strongly believe in a limited class size to promote instructor attention and instruction absorption.
  • We teach you what the module is, no tricky jargon.
  • LyfeSync prides in teaching what you need to know and not just what you ask about. How do you ask about something you are not aware of?
  • Flexible price points – free face to face classes, free online classes, paid online classes, paid face to face classes.
  • Everyone that attends our paid face to face class is allowed a 3 month Premium Membership access upon registration to lyfesync.com

Contact us at: Contact LyfeSync or give us a call at 520-333-6166.